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Our Story

Two brothers, one wears glasses, the other doesn’t and together we decided to open an optical store.

It might be hard to tell which person is which

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Did you know it’s recommended to do your eye exam every 2 years?

Children should have their eye exam done every year.

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Our Services

We provide various services at Charm Optical.

All of them are eye-related!

Eye Examinations

An eye exam involves a series of tests to evaluate your vision and check for eye diseases. All done by an optometrist. 

Contact Lens Fitting

One size does not fit all when it comes to contact lenses. Your eye doctor will need to take some measurements to properly fit your contact lenses.

Dry Eye Treatment

Dry eye occurs when your eyes can’t produce enough tears. This may be because your tears are evaporating too quickly.

Eyewear Gallery

Whether you’re getting a cool new pair of sunglasses or a spare pair of computer glasses, we will help you at Charm Optical.

Benefit Providers

We direct bill to most insurance companies, however, if your provider was not listed, please contact us to confirm.


We update our inventory frequently. It ranges from private designers to well-known brands.